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Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Simon says....."What the what!!!!"

Not really appropriate for "Free Riding"...maybe "All Mountain" riding, but that would still be pushing it. I came across this video and it is definitely interesting and worth watching.

So apparently Cannondale has been developing an electronic control system for their Lefty Suspension fork for the past five years. They call it Simon, probably an homage to that damn little memory game with the red, green, yellow, and blue flashing lights.

Riding in the Northeast, I think it's safe to say that we probably come across more types of varying terrain on any given ride than most riders in the rest of the country see in a lifetime. Rocks, roots, mud, trees, bridges, clay, loose, hard pack, etc, etc, etc. An electronic system that constantly monitors and changes the suspension settings could be interesting...I think. Actually, I don't really know what I think about this. As much as I embrace technology and love my 6" of squish...this seems like it may be a little overkill.

Don't know if I think it's worthwhile, but it is definitley interesting and worth a look. Check out the video below and the article from BikeRumor.com here: Cannondale Debuts Simon Suspension

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